is up and running!

After one year of designing, programming and testing, the time is finally there to withdraw from stealth mode and publically launch a gameserver provider that allows gamers to rent gameservers by the hour, next to renting gameservers on a monthly basis. To craft such an highly customizable and automated service, we've locked ourselves in our rooms for a year straight to hack together the ideal solution each online gamer will love.

But before we dive further into how great and user-friendly our service is and why you will love it, let us first tell you where we came from when building Years before we started, we were gamers by ourselves and played on an highly competitive level. It was a time where eSports wasn't as big as it is today and the top teams would get sponsored gameservers and t-shirts, and if you were lucky, some gear and a small cash prize at most. During this time, we always felt there was something missing within the current gameserver hosting industry. Not only did we felt gameserver providers all offered the same - standardized - service, we also felt that they weren't innovating enough with websites that date back to the nineties. But what bothered us the most is that there wasn't any gameserver provider that allowed gamers to rent a gameserver by the hour for a simple clan match or a fun night gaming with friends.

With this in mind, we eventually decided that if nobody is going to offer such a highly customizable service, we are going to build it by ourselves. Hence, we developed a gameserver provider that offers gamers the possibility to rent hourly and monthly gameservers. In total we have more than 10 gameserver locations and more than 30 supported games. At the heart of our service, lies customer satisfaction. This has and always will be our end goal and with this in mind we've built everything from the ground up. From order process, to dashboard to your control panel, everything is designed and programmed in such a way that it offers clients the best user experience possible on every device. This means that everything, yes including the control panel, is responsive and can be used on your mobile. This alone should make every gamer's best bet.

But enough with the talking, start ordering your gameserver here and afterwards, send us some love via, Facebook or Twitter . Furthermore, subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news and deals. Also stay tuned for the next news item, as we will further dive into our control panel, its functionalities and what it looks like.

Happy gaming,