Free game server for testers! offers multiple supported games and the possibility to rent game servers per hour and per month. However, as our service is brand new, it obviously needs to be tested and improved in a proper manner. Therefore, we collected some feedback the past weeks and based on this we dotted a few more i’s and crossed some t’s. As we want to give our customers the best experience possible, we are always in hunt for customer response. We want to know their story and what bothers them with the current game server providers out there. To get this useful feedback, we approached a couple of gamers and clans to test our service for free in exchange for feedback. Time over time this provided us useful feedback on which we can and will improve our services.

To get even more feedback, we will start with a next round of feedback upcoming week. This time, the ARMA 3 clan "48th Mechanized Infantry" will test our game servers. We are very happy to have them on board and are looking forward to our collaboration.

That being said, we are still looking for extra testers! We will accept beta testers until the 1st of February. As we offer gamers to rent game server per hour and per month, both types of game servers need to be tested. Also, this give you the opportunity to look into our responsive control panel, which is built from the ground up. Thus, if you want to have a free game server and want to provide us feedback in exchange, then please do not hesitate to contact us via We will be happy to get to know you and your demands.