What does our control panel look like?

At PlayNow.gs our customer support team gets a lot of questions about what our control panel looks like. Such a question makes a lot of sense, after all, the control panel is one of the most important aspects of a game server provider. In contrast to a lot of other game server providers who use a standard control panel, the developers at PlayNow.gs designed and built a control panel from the ground up. This resulted in a control panel that is completely responsive, which means it works on your mobile phone, and offers all the functionalities you need.

What kind of functionalities does our control panel offer you might ask. Well, first of all, we offer all the basic functionalities such as restarting your game server, reinstalling your game server and updating your game server. We also offer a neat little functionality that enables you to switch your game server to any other location we offer, without no extra costs at all! We know, it’s great, but there is more. Next to the basic options, you can change all the game server settings such as the game server name, maps, passwords, game types and so on. Also, the control panel has a build in file manager to upload custom content such as mods. If you don’t want to upload mods to the game server by yourself, we offer ready-to-install mods with most of the game servers. For ArmA 3 for example, our control panel offers more than 35 pre-uploaded mods that can be installed straight away! So far, we have never came across another game server provider who offers such a large lists of mods that can be installed with a simple mouse click.

After all this reading, we bet you must be curious about how our control panel really looks like. To keep you no longer in suspense, you can visit this info page for example to view a couple of screenshots and get an idea about our control panel. We hope you like what you see and we can’t wait to welcome you as a customer so you can experience the control panel by yourself!

Happy gaming!