Do we sponsor gaming teams?

We get this question a lot lately and believe us, we totally understand your team / clan wants to be sponsored. After all, who doesn’t want to have a free game server? Back in the days, when we were (professional) gamers by ourselves, we did the same thing. We sent tons of emails to different game server providers in the hope someone would sponsor us. Nine out of ten game server providers neglected our request and of course we can understand why: you only get sponsored if you are able to provide the game server host a lot of exposure, which eventually will result in new clients for them. This however, usually never happens. As a consequence the game server provider ends up paying for the sponsored game server and gets nothing in return.

Does this mean we say no to all the sponsorship requests we get? No, absolutely not. However, your sponsorship request needs to meet certain standards. First of all, you have to clearly state how we are going to benefit from the sponsorship? How are you going to make sure we will get new clients because of the sponsorship provided to you? Surprisingly, a lot of teams who send in sponsor requests fail to answer this question. Next to this question, there are other things we would like to know, such as: what has your team achieved? What are the future plans? What do you want to get sponsored? For more information about the information you should provide us when emailing us a sponsorship request, see:

So, you’ve answered all the questions and your team looks promising on paper, now what? Well, if this is the case we will offer you the game server you need for free for one month! During this month, you need to show if you are worth the sponsorship by bringing in new clients for us. If you can bring in two new clients that particular month, we will extend your game server with another free month. In other words, two new clients equal one free game server month. This means it is also absolutely fine to deliver more than the minimum amount of two clients per month as this will result in extending the initial sponsorship for a longer time period. For example, if you deliver six new clients during the first month of sponsorship, your game server will be extended with three extra free months. The sponsorship program will go on as long as you bring in new clients.

To help you generating new clients for us and to track your performance, we will create a special discount code for your team. You can spread this code with your followers and when potential clients use this code they will get 10% discount on their first purchase at This should make it much easier for you to bring in new clients! And in this way, we will benefit both from a sponsorship. Sound great right? We thought so too!